local heros

OKAPI provides IT services for customers in their city Bydgoszcz, Poland. It is a company with a kind of local heroes. On this foundation we desided to build whole visual identity of the company.

Scope of work

  • logo design
  • design of visual identity elements
  • website design
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name inspirations

Company took first letters of certain words that describe its activities and joined them in a particular word.

It turned out that this is the name of a very interesting animal from the Congolese jungle – Okapi.

logo inspiration, logo design

creative and useful

The default method of navigation on the website is to click on the menu and switch between subpages.

one page design BRAVERYA creative studio interactive agency Poland Bydgoszcz

An alternative is to join subpages into one page and scroll it. In specific cases, it is advantageous option.

one page design for IT company

This solution is called a One Page Design. We have designed OKAPI website according to it.

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